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As the Tide Comes In

1. As the tides come in

Hmm and sigh and hmm and sigh and in the corner of the yard the larch tree bows.

2. Anytime I look at anybody they’re looking at me

I’m staring hard at my grandfather’s grave at the funeral of my father.

3. You just knew he was a fisherman by looking at his hands

Soft as rock. His hands were bigger when he was younger. The tides are going in and out and the water irons the wrinkles out of the shore.

4. On the second day God divided the waters above from the waters below

That man never said anything but you’re a good boy.

5. On a calm furious day

He had always told me it’s important to go on. How do you make it you just go on and then we harpooned swordfish.

6. Pockets full of candy bars looking at sharks and whales   The brined cheeks of my family smile at the stars. 7. Celestial navigation is an ancient and modern practice

And now I’ve got a son and he’s looking at my father the way I looked at my grandfather and we’ve all got the same eyes and now my father’s hands look like my grandfather’s hands and they are wrapped around the warmest cup.