Today is the first day of meteorological spring. Astronomers know about distances and measures and so they say that spring is about earth’s tilt to the sun.: Light rays touching the equator mean that Alright Let’s Begin, spring transition, Cold-Dark to Heat-Light. But meteorologists know that things always begin before beginning bc it’s not about the slant of the light it’s about the feel in the air.

Last night I got to have the First Inaugural Tarch Eve Quail Roast: The Blanched Rose (TEQR01-BR) with my beautiful housemates. quail s were roasted and a single rose was blanched and at the stroke of Tarch everyone burst into color in order to seal the entrance between past and present. There was only the infinite horizon of Tarch.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized the concurrence of Tarch and meteorological spring . by this beautiful predestined coincidence I now understand why I’ve spent months trying to chart the sun . I wanted to understand sunlight bc I thought then I would Know Something Real but Of Course it’s not about the slant of the light it’s about the feel in the air. the earth is bowing forward and the light is hitting my pillow in the morning again and it is spring and it is Tarch. It’s here! And it’s always been coming! you could feel it coming and now it’s arrived on the back of the machine that turns hopes into feeling!

(Tarch is Turkey March)

invitational text for tarch celebration sent on tarch eve

that tarch feeling!